Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fox News - 8 Money Saving Cruise Tips

Fox News has posted 8 good tips for savings on a cruise vacation. Seasoned cruisers surely knkow most of these but for new and first time cruisers, these are very good tips to keep in mind when planning a cruise vacation. check out the article at 8 Savings Tips

Monday, April 15, 2013

Trying Out Luxevo Travel Club

I love good deals and I also love to travel so naturally the Luxevo Club looks very attractive to me. So, after reading through the material, and then again, and once more etc, I signed up not only to be a Luxevo Club Member, but to also sell the program. The monthly membership is only $19.95 per month with no contract or minimum commitment. Why not?

One of the perks of the Luxevo Club is the Advantage Benefits program which provides a variety of discounts every day whether at home or travelling. So my first test of the system will be to see what savings the Advantage Benefits can provide me. I figure if I save at least $20 then the membership pays for itself.

Feel free to follow along as I "test drive" the Luxevo Club program. I will add on to this post as I use the features of this cool looking program. Stay tuned.

15-Apr-2013, was looking ahead to next weekend and planning to go see the new movie 42. So I checked the Advantage Benefit section and bought a 4 pack of tickets from a major theater chain for $8.40 per ticket. The regular price for non IMAX or 3-D movies is now $11.50. I paid $33.60 for tickets valued at $46. I saved $12.40 right there and I am only into day one. $7.55 to go just to break even with my monthly membership fee. I may go to the movies now more six times per year.

19-Apr-2013, So my kids just called to remind me that it's Friday and PIZZA NIGHT! Friday night is usually the only night of the week that noone has sports or practice or meeting so every other Friday we do pizza night. My Luxevo Club Advantage benefits currently have a 25% off deal on a national chain ordered online. Happens to be one of the two shops where we all like the pizza. I went online and made our usual order except this time used the special code Luxevo provided (sorry, cannot share the code). My usual $19.25 order for two mediums was now $14.44. Another $4.81 savings bringing my month to date benefit savings up to $17.21; my total monthly membership fee is only $19.95. I know at least in two weeks, on our next pizza night will push me past my monthly fee. I am liking this.

26-Apr-2013, I didn't last the two weeks until pizza night again. My wife and daughter were away this weekend which left my son and me to fend for ourselves. So on Friday night I hit up the pizza place again and saved another $3.11. The savings for the month to date now have reached $20.32 and there are two weeks left in the month. So, at least for this first month, membership in the travel program has effectively not cost me anything. Not so bad.

Since I already reached my monthly fee in savings I will start this new month from May 1. Just a little easier to track. With Cinco de Mayo last weekend there was no Friday Pizza night as we just hung out and BBQ all weekend long. We did get back on track with our usual bi-weekly pizza night tonight and saved $4.81 again off the pizza price. We probably won'r be using the offer but I got in email this morning a 40% off deal for a regionally local major theme park's water park. I have no idea what those big waterpark admissions are but if it is like the Theme Parks themselves I can imagine this offer would have been quite a nice savings.

Where has the month gone! Well, the nice guy that I am had to buy some flowers for Mother's Day and there were some good online specials going but I used my Luxevo Club Advantage benefits program and got 5% more than the other online deals. Overall I got 25% off my order but 20 percent of that was an online special open to everyone so not fair to count any more then the extra 5% or $4.00. Also I had two pizza Friday nights with my usual order with a $4.81 savings each bringing May up to $13.62 the program has saved me.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Celebrity Lovers

Keep an eye out next week for a new two day sale coming out. I have heard there will be some nice perks.