Monday, September 30, 2013

Getaway Trips

Ladies, have you ever felt that urge to just take a timeout from your daily grind? You know, just to get away for a couple days to refresh and rejuvenate. We all get that feeling from time to time. Round up a couple of the girlfriends or the Bunco group and just escape for a weekend cruise.

Guys, certainly you need a getaway from time to time. Take a break from your daily demands and take off with your pals for a weekend blowout cruise. The cruise staff does the cooking and cabin cleaning so all you need to do is have fun. Why not? The girls have girls night out or getaway weekends right? Why not the guys too.

How about you engaged couples out there? Are you concerned about the bachelor or bachelorette party that will be coming up? Who will drive and who will make sure no one drives impaired are serious considerations today. These 3-night weekend cruises are perfect for memorable bachelor/bachelorette parties. Nobody has to worry about driving home. Party hearty until the early morning and sleep in the next morning then start all over again. Much more cost effective than a Vegas weekend.

Several cruise lines offer 3-night weekend cruises that sail away Friday afternoon and return Monday morning. A weekend free from cooking, cleaning, and picking up after everyone else. You and your gal pals enjoying 3 nights of fine dining and scores of entertainment choices. Have a Spa day at sea and unwind. Or, live it up and party at one of the many lounges until the wee hours of the morning. Why not? You don't have to get up in the morning to make breakfast or school lunches. This is YOU TIME!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

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