Friday, November 22, 2013

Resolve To Save for Vacation 2015

Do you have a travel savings plan? A special account, a cookie jar or maybe the 5 gallon water jug to stash loose change; you know some place to save money for your vacation plans. Well, 2014 is lurking around the corner so it may be a good resolution to start putting money away for your 2015 vacation. How nice do you think that would be to pay for a memorable vacation and not have to run up your credit cards?

One good place to start is with your pay check. What if you could put $25, $50 or maybe $75 dollars from each pay check into a savings account? If you get paid every two week and are able to put away $75 of each paycheck, in one year you will have built up $1,950 in your travel account. Certainly not enough to cover the dream, one-in-a-lifetime vacation but it is a very good start.

How about those frequent visits to the specialty coffee shop for the extra-mocha-frappe-espresso-cappuccino concoction that you "need" to kick start the day? Each time you choose to skip your specialty coffee fix, put another $5 to the side. Every little bit adds to the pot. In one year of skipping one special coffee shop visit per week you can have another $260 to add to your fund. (now the account is up to $2,210)

Do you and your significant other go out to dinner, or even drive-thru for dinner more than once per week? This is another opportunity to choose to cut one dinner away from home out of the expenses and stash what you would have spent into a vacation fund. Even skipping one drive-thru dinner each week for a year a couple can save at least $12 per visit or $624 each year. (now the account can reach $2,834).

What do you do with your loose change every night when you come home? Dumping that change into a vacation jar over the course of a year can add up to another$150 to $200. Choosing to make some changes to how we spend in our everyday lives provides an opportunity to save money for the things that we view as important to us. In this example, at the end of 2014 we will have a vacation savings of approximately $3,000. That is a great start and enough to make a deposit on you 2015 vacation. Being unlikely that your 2015 vacation will occur in the early months of the year, you then have several month to continue saving for the vacation you have earned. Best yet, is that you will have much less of the vacation cost to have to float on a credit card. Where will your vacation savings take you to?

There are certainly so many different ways to save for vacations and other important things in our lives. You work hard all year. Don't you think you deserve the most memorable vacation? It is never too early to start planning ahead for vacation 2015. Travel safe.

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